We may not realize it at the time, but as we age we get more dependent on our children. Whether, it is out of sickness, the economy, or necessity, at some point in time the Parent/Child role changes. You come to depend on them, instead of you working the VCR for them they are programming it for you. It starts out small, take a look around, do you have P/C Syndrome? Tell me your story.

I have it, it was sickness and necessity. My oldest, watched the younger kids while I worked. Then in 2013, I was in a motor vehicle accident. My youngest stayed home instead of going to college to help us. At one time, both my husband and I were in wheelchairs and other medical devices. My daughter and oldest son would come over and help on their days off. I don’t want to forget their other-halves. Most Mommies have Daughter/Son-in-law issues, mine are great. We have our disagreements, but I love them all. I hope we get some great articles, and input.