Even though we still think ourselves teeny-boppers, truth is we start losing muscle tone somewhere around age twenty-five. The condition called Sarcopenia, is a syndrome characterized by progressive and generalized loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength and it is strictly correlated with physical disability, poor quality of life and death. Occurring naturally, by age forty-five, you will have lost one percent of your total body mass; if you do not do targeted exercise to retain these muscles. By the time you hit sixty-five you can see and feel a significant loss. This is all noted by the US Department of agriculture.

Per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, they recommend that you target all of the major muscle groups with resistance exercises, no less than two times a week. If you are in a sit-down job, bedridden, feel you don’t need to exercise, or just avoid the gym; you will lose muscle tone. Most people see resistance training, and silently creep away. Resistance training, does not always include weights and body building. You can use weights, water, or elastic bands. I love the water, your body moves better, and when you feel stronger and some weights.

The human body reminds me of my computers once a week a pop-up says “You, have not used ________ in a while, I would like to disable it.” Your body will disable muscle groups and sometimes it may even feed off them for energy. Anyone that has ever been injured, and had to go to physical therapy, has performed resistance training. It was hard to do when you started, but it got easier. You can do it watching TV, lying in bed, even at work.

I Challenge any readers out there, actually reading this post, to go out and buy a children’s 9 inch diameter bouncy ball from Wal-Mart or Target. While you are lying or sitting down put the ball between your legs about 2 inches, from your knees. Push on the ball with your legs to the count of 5. Rest. Do three repetitions. Make sure to keep your stomach tight well you are doing the repetitions to increase core strength. This is your first step to a healthier you. I will go through one exercise each day. Please remember to consult a Doctor before starting any exercises or diets.