As this place card suggests, here will be articles on love and the mature woman. Some of us are married, some dating, and others wondering how to start over. We will try to answer any questions, comments, and even send you information on new things.

We will review medicines that help you have sex. Or the ones causing you problems with your sexual life. Maybe even some web advice from the pros. No X-rated stuff though this is a family site.

Marriage, the most complicated relationship humans have. They marry their partners, their animals, and in today’s times, even themselves. We will discuss it all. Leave me some comments if you have questions. I have much to talk about.

I have been married fifteen years, this July. I am one of the luckiest women I Know. Through the darkest times we have stuck together. The darker the times the closer we got. It wasn’t always good times, we were together for thirteen years, before we got married. I tell people, it took me thirteen years to house break him. We survived, and now we are on easy street.