I decided to start this site, because I was so tired reading blogs, telling me I was to “OLD” to wear something. Who do these people think they are to tell us we are old? We, the “Baby Boomer” generation, invented half of the fashion, that are on their bodies today. Our generation was told not to wear jeans to school, wear a scarf to cover your head at church, mini-skirts were not allowed. As one of my final acts of rebellion, I will wear what I please, when I please, how I please.

There are some things that you have brought back, that I question. I was never a fan of bell bottoms. And why isn’t the poodle skirt a big thing, they were so cute. I have to ask, what is up with the granny panties? Those are only for Sunday for church or laundry day. You try to tell us, you don’t want to see a sixty year old in a mini-skirt. I tell you, I dislike seeing two band-aids and a pantyliner trying to cover half of California.

Not to leave them out, why are you dressing your man in a romper. I could not believe that when I saw them last night. I would love to know who many men are buying them, and wearing them. Please send pictures.

In the next article we will look at some fashion trends. The good and the bad. How they look on different people and who wore it better. Maybe I will pull out my eighties skinny jeans, and make y’all laugh. Post me some pictures, of what you like and don’t like.