I have been reading articles the last few weeks. What I have noticed, is there is always someone telling us what to do or not do, what to say or not say. The best ones are how to handle relationships, family, and sex. Why do we take the advice and try the ideas of other people? When did you lose the right to think for ourselves? When did we lose free-will?

Who would tell to keep secrets in a marriage? Obviously, someone since I read the article last week. Might have been a lawyer looking to help his fellow attorneys. Maybe, a bitter person who told the truth and lost their marriage. Lying in a marriage is creating walls. As soon as those walls are built, matrimony goes out the window. You grow apart because you are afraid of that lie. The marriage of two people should be strong and able to withstand all outside forces.

Then there was the article about Grandparents harming the children because of their outdated teachings. This one really burned me since almost all of the baby boomer generation took Dr. Spock as gospel. These type of articles make it seem like your upbringing was terrible. The punishment was wrong. Riding your bike without a helmet is grounds for being negligent, not saying that it wasn’t even a thought back then. Look at the children today. They are surrounded by mutant-killing aliens, songs about mistreating women, sex, and extremely loose morality. And someone wants to brand Grandparents as negligent? You survived, thrived, and are able to string words together, I think it is a win.

Sex, articles that tell you how to do it, when to do it, how often you should be having it, and with what side toys. I always said you didn’t need toys if the sex was satisfying, and I believe that to this day. So, if you are not satisfied, the sex must suck. I have one thing to say about that… NEXT.

Human rights, the next article. So many people want the rights to favor them in today’s society. They do not understand rights and laws are written for the many, not the one. I do understand that a few rules to affect the masses have yet to be written. Any personal ideas, religion, nor money should play a part in the making of human rights. This is a pro and con situation and should be left that way.

This one will probably get me in trouble, but it is about Sharia Laws. If you ever had a child die for these laws, or maybe a wife, then you know they are bad. Yes, Catholicism has been the way of the land for many years. Yes, the fought many a holy war. If you haven’t noticed it has fallen by the wayside in the last few decades. If these people want sharia law, then they need to move back to their country. Fight for their land, and be happy. If this type of rule takes over, all you women will be back in the dark ages again. Total coverage of your bodies, why? Because back in the day, they were protecting themselves from the gods. It is coverage by falsehood, we no longer have gods on earth. Religion was created so that we would remember the past, the laws, and their ways. To learn from their mistakes and how to fix them. It is not the never-ending gospel people hold it to be. It is a book of past-times and the lessons they learned from them. Heck, we do not even know when it was truly written and how much has been changed.  Do you really want to take a chance on two-thousand-year-old laws? Remember history is written by the victors.

I hope that at some point the followers of these articles remember they have free-will. That they figure out everyone does not have the answer. Free-will means we will make mistakes, and find solutions. It is our right to have the right to follow our own path, let no one take that away from you.