I have been Window (10) shopping for several years. I can’t always afford to go to town and shop. So, like most older people I try to find the best deal, even is it means haggling. I just travel from one website to the other looking at different items. Today’s bad deal you ask, a bikini for 195.00. Please comment if you are buying such items, I have deals for you.

It must be my depressionist upbringing. It makes me shiver at the thought of someone thinking that is a good deal. Then I wonder who has more money than common sense. Pricing like that drives up even the basic consumer prices. I have been looking for new or used clothing to wear to college. Not only can I not afford most of the items I have looked at, I will not pay the price for any of them. A shirt for 40.00, pants for 90.00, not on your life. You pay for cheap labor in those sweatshops in the West, where poor little children are sewing these together. They might make 5.00 a month. How much are those companies making?

I try to buy American made when I can. Those companies are hard to find. I am also willing to pay a tiny bit more for that product. You can buy tags that say American Made by the bundle from Western companies. You never know if the clothing is American made or not.

How much do you think they make in profit from this super clothing. I am not mentioning any names, but you know the clothing I speak of. How much do they pay their employees? What and how much is their overhead? And why do they think they can charge 195.00 for a bikini?  Why do you think your piece of spandex is worth more than the next person? Did you buy it from heaven? I would so like to know the answer to these questions. Please, somebody, tell me this is just a case of greed vs. stupidity.