New Phototastic Collage

I don’t usually put reviews on this page, but I think this product is the exception. I received a sample of this product free through Crowdtap to aid in my review of the makeup. As you can see in the pictures it made quite a difference in the look of my face.

It is called Revlon Youth FX, and it is a whole system of products. There is the forehead filler that minimizes the lines in your forehead. The filler for around your eyes, which made all of the difference for me. The concealer, highlighter, and foundation. The whole system took 10 years off my face.

My problems were as follows:

  1. Line in my forehead
  2. Dark circles under my eyes
  3. dark spots on my cheeks
  4. A broken nose
  5. Blemishes
  6. Scar on my upper lip
  7. Scar over my left eye
  8. Acne scars

This system covered and concealed everything. It is not heavy so your face does not feel weighed down. I have to say before my accident I rarely wore makeup. Since the accident, I feel very self-conscious about my face. The Revlon system gives me the confidence I needed to go out in public. I suggest this to anyone that is trying to hide facial flaws. You can buy it on their website, it is not in any of my local stores yet. The price is really good for how it improved my looks. If you are looking for a new makeup system give this one a try, I am a true believer.