Reading through the articles again today, I had so many what the heck moments I just had to add my piece. One article, complaining about gender reveal parties, she should never be invited to one again. She believes that no woman should celebrate a baby on the way or what the sex is.

It upsets her that couples spend so much money on these parties. I sure hope her obvious distaste for all things baby, don’t come from the inability to have children if it is I am sorry. She may have come from a broken home, with an absent Father. If any of these are the reason, her family may want to get her some help.

I have already had my children, no gender reveal party, but that was many years ago. She infers that if we celebrate this time we are or may raise someone like Hitler because we put a color to a sex. Gender is always going to be male or female. It explains what body parts you were born with. Yes, some are lucky enough to have the choice of both.

Your identity is what defines you, makes you who you are. Makes you different from everyone else. Not everyone will like how another person identifies. Some people look past gender and identity and find friendship. We as a society need to stop drawing lines in the sand. Stop judging the lifestyle of your neighbor if they are not harming anyone. Go ahead and celebrate that gender reveal as it stands right now we are proud of the fact that we can make a fetus.

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