For those of you that have been following me, you know I am fifty-three and start my first day of college tomorrow. It has been a rough road, horrific car accident in 2013, in a wheelchair for months. Five surgeries, learning to walk, physical therapy forever, and learning to live with the fact I can no longer do some things. That is still a learning adventure. The traumatic brain injury and the missing memories are the hardest things to live with.

Today, I am sitting here panicking. Will I find my classes alright? Will I be able to remember what I learn? Am I going to be the oldest student there? Can I make the grade? I forgot half of what I learned in high school and the other half god only knows. The books are huge and I am expected to know all of this information.

The brain injury has me most concerned. Wondering if it will affect my learning ability. Hoping I will be able to remember the required information. How much extra tutoring will I need? I already know I am keeping my books, as I have always made side notes, and am a professional highlighter. Taking notes will be a challenge as I lose my train of thought constantly…. Squirrel. I looked into buying one of the scribe pens, too expensive.

Over the past few months, I have bought new clothes, that fit. I hope I don’t stand out. I hope I bought the right items and am fashion forward and not behind. Will I stick out like the red hat ladies? Got all my books, pens, pencils, and such. Nothing too flashy. I had to get a rolling back pack as I cannot carry all those books, a computer, and anything else I may need. A rolling back pack how much can that stick out? I have to use the elevator because climbing stairs are off-limits right now.

I am now counting the hours and getting the stuff done that needs to be finished. The back pack is packed. Working on eyebrows, nails, and other physical things. Got my outfit picked out. Still, have to find the shoes I want to wear and god knows where they are. Will keep you informed as time goes by and I answer some of these questions. Wish me luck or say a prayer, I need all the help I can get.