Well, the first week of school is out of the way, I made it, not with flying colors but maybe a few paint splatters. One elevator is not working so it is a long walk to the classrooms and back. Luckily, my classes are all in the same area. Today was a beautiful day so I sat outside at break. That is another long walk to the outside.

I have four classes, computers so I can have the Office 365 certificate. Looks good on a resume, and I will be able to mark professional on the Office application questions. What we are learning now, I am familiar with, but did not know the terms. Learn something new every day.

The second class is Medical Terminology. I took it years ago but since they cannot find my paperwork at the technical school, I have to take it again. There are many new diagnoses, so it is probably a good thing. The teacher makes you learn the correct way to write, define, and say the term. Her favorite saying…. ” What do all intelligent people do? They disagree.

Third, is Medical Legal Issues. This class will go into all of the HIPPA Laws, Obamacare, and ethics. I think I will enjoy this class. After four-years of work comp, I have an advantage, and maybe something to share. The laws have definitely changed since 1987. I am the oldest one in this class, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

The fourth class I have is an online class. It is Health Insurance billing. This too I have experience in, but it was way before Obamacare. It still may mean I have an idea of what I am doing. Not having a face to face lesson, is a little bit different for me. I seem to be doing okay with the homework. So, maybe it will be okay.

College life is a lot different for the mature student. It is very unlikely you will know anyone in your class. It is also very likely that you maybe the oldest one in your class, including the teacher. It has been a long time since you have been to school and your retention and study techniques are bit slow. If you are disabled like me, it will also take you longer to get to the next class. The students have been very courteous, holding the doors, holding the elevator, and directing me if I get lost. If you are an older person thinking about going back to school, I highly recommend you start out at a local community college.