I think back on my last three weeks, I have 100’s on my homework, but bombed two tests. I see or hear the word test and automatically freeze. What’s even worse is timed-test, those two words should never be in the same sentence together. For this week’s preparation, I started having the book read to me. It read to me non-stop from Thursday to Sunday, all four of my classes. Over and over again I listened to Medical Terminology, the same chapter, all day Saturday. I hoped that somewhere in my brain the information would be so thick, it would overpower the test freeze. I think it did, I will know on Wednesday. I took my chapter two test this weekend.

Today, I have been sitting here, thinking of my back ground, and all the people I owe my knowledge to. Mrs. Stuber, who taught my first medical terminology course. The book was less than an inch thick, compared to today’s three-inch version. She laid the ground work that makes it easier now. Oh, those goofy slides, yes, slides that she made us memorize. To this day I remember them, hyster, showing a girl throwing a hissy fit.

Then there are my employers. Les, who taught me EEG, EKG, Stress Testing, and pulse-ox. I learned to clean the equipment, scheduling, and how to order a ventilator, one piece at a time. Mike, taught me how to pinch a penny. Danny showed me, work could be fun. Cecil and Jay taught me that you could write your own ticket, and compassion, I sure do miss them. Kathy, I learned the business side of a company. Then there is Martha, She taught me so much, there is no way I could properly repay her. The business side of the hospital setting, how to get payment from insurance companies to this day I still learn from her. Also, a shout out to Brookie and Fay without them I would not know what a claim form was. My life has been filled with excellent employers and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Life is full of educational opportunities and education. I am on my new journey through life. It is starting out rocky, and I have some disabilities, the object is to overcome them. To not be afraid of the unknown and to challenge what you thought you knew. Raising my glass to a new week, and my next journey.